Svast is #1 in eClinicalworks Medical billing. eClinicalWorks is one of the most widely used EHR systems among healthcare practices. Svast has been successfully providing medical billing services on the eClinical platform to several medical practices for over 15 years. We provide a full-service billing solution on ECW. Svast will take care of everything from claim submission to A/R follow-up, and our qualified staff will field all billing questions from patients. Combining the eCW system with Svast medical billing expertise, physician practices can significantly increase their payments and significantly improve efficiency.


Why medical billing on eCW is recommended?
• eClinicalWorks is easy to use the system
• Easy to create a clean claim
• eClinicalWorks can be set up to identify patient co-pays & coinsurances
• It is easy to verify eligibility on ecw
• eCW is on the cloud and is secure
• eClinicalworks has superior reports


How is our client’s experience with our billing services on eClinicalWorks?

I originally went with a billing service that charged a very low percentage of collections, and then I realized you get what you pay for. Svast offered me a reasonable rate, lower than most other companies I considered, and their service has been exceptional.

Pain Management

My staff were spending a lot of time answering patient phone calls and reviewing EOBs. Now that Svast takes care of all of the billing hassle for us my staff are happier and more productive, and our patients get the answers they need.

Office Manager
Internal Medicine
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