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The Perfect Team Roster to Open a Medical Practice

Building intellectual and emotional equity happens while deciding whether or not to start your own medical practice.  Once you have decided to go ahead and open a medical practice, get prepared to start building your sweat equity.  Sweat equity is your contribution to starting your practice in the […]

Why Physicians Should Open a Medical Practice in 2021

Own or be Owned: Why Physicians Should Open a Medical Practice in 2021

The Healthcare industry is pushing toward outpatient/ambulatory services.  What better time to open a medical practice business providing outpatient/ambulatory services than when that model has been determined to be the most effective in improving patient care […]

How to get a Medical Practice Loan

For some, going to a bank to obtain a medical practice loan may seem daunting but it’s really a straight forward process.  These simple points will help you obtain a good loan.

Get a low rate

Naturally,  you will want the lowest interest rate you can get.Consider using […]

Small Practice Renaissance

The time is right to start a medical practice.

Although it may not yet be obvious at scale, we are beginning to see an increase in physicians entering private practice.  The last several years have been a period of intense consolidation, with many physician practices being acquired by large […]

Things to consider when bringing on a mid-level provider

There are things to consider when bringing on a mid-level provider, first be clear on what you are trying to achieve. Is it increased revenue, better life style, or more face time with patients?  With some planning each of the above can be accomplished.

If increasing revenue […]