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The Importance of Accuracy in Medical Payment Posting

When posting payments in a practice management system the need for accuracy is essential. Inaccurate postings can result in serious downstream financial affects for your practice. Though the importance and possible negative ramifications of posting payments inaccurately are seemingly obvious, mistakes can easily occur with a simple typo. […]

5 Questions to Ask to Reduce Denied Claims

We’ve all seen it. The patient comes to the check-in window, and you ask “Name… date of birth… have there been any changes in your address or insurance?” The patient quickly replies, “Nope”, and takes a seat in the waiting room. The charge is entered and billed to […]

5 Tips to Collect Outstanding Patient Balances

High deductible health plans and higher copays have driven practices to focus more attention on collecting large outstanding patient balances.  For many practices, patient collections accounts for 20-30% of their overall revenue, so it’s more important than ever that the practice staff be comfortable with and trained on […]

7 Key Telehealth Billing changes one MUST Know

As we all are aware, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has continued to release telehealth coding and telehealth billing changes that impact billing in response to care providers’ concerns amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic. Here are the most recent changes that impact medical billing, which […]