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EHR Clinical Documentation: Optimization through Customization

The heart of the provider/patient interaction, beyond the visit itself, is the provider’s documentation.  For many years, our charts were folders that moved around with the provider or his team containing hand written notes, old scripts, and eventually neatly typed dictation. The ‘chart’ is a whole new world […]

Result Interfaces – Common Yet Complex

3 areas which can cause your interface project to fall out of range

Except for Registration (ADT in HL7 vernacular) interfaces, Result (ORM) interfaces are the next most commonly implemented interface making them old hat to many. However adding connections to additional labs, system upgrades, and initial rollouts for those not […]

EHR Go-Live Challenges -Top 5 pitfalls and quick solutions

In the bustle of EHR implementation to meet compliance with the HITECH Act and Meaningful Use, there are EHR go-lives happening every day in all parts of the country. As EHR implementation experts’ clients are constantly asking, “How did you do this before? What can we learn from […]

Start a Medical Practice without Making these 5 Mistakes


Should you start your own practice and be an entrepreneur or should you be hospital employed? For some physicians, the answer is crystal clear – you want to start your own practice. You want more autonomy to make […]